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  1. Harmonizing Help - notes in A Minor
  2. Do I use the modes in the right way? (midi)
  3. Need feedback for my embeddable printable staff paper app.
  4. Taps for Maynard chords
  5. smoke on the water in dorian mode??
  6. Replacing the 5th
  7. Understanding Vivaldi Violin Solo Modulation / Scale movement?
  8. LookNoHands
  9. "The centuries-old struggle to play in tune"
  10. Voice Doubling
  11. Why does this work?
  12. I agree too~
  13. Notation
  14. Ziggy Stardust
  15. Folk/Medieval
  16. doubling rules
  17. Constructing altered scales based on altered chords!
  18. What are Modes used For?
  19. A Go Go John Scofield Album Theory Analysis
  20. Funk theory and good guitar books/albums
  21. Progression key
  22. Question on modes and pedal tones
  23. 11th chords
  24. Why is a perfect 5th called a 3:2 ratio?
  25. Kaskade's Dynasty and Determining the Key of a Song
  26. Why is the second chord minor?
  27. Scale Question
  28. Where do all these mode questions originate?
  29. 5 Major chords??
  30. Transcribing?!?
  31. Intervals - The Unison
  32. Melodic minor scale
  33. Unusual key change.
  34. Chord Progressions
  35. Giant Steps - how to improvise?
  36. my breakdown of the first part of the verse of this song
  37. Try to make a song from scratch
  38. Harmonic Minor scale, b5th
  39. Sharp and flat notation Monk convention?
  40. minor altered chords?
  41. Intervals Question
  42. Xp
  43. Ap
  44. Etc. / hats of
  45. Something altered something blue?
  46. Just for laffs
  47. Messing around - found this - not sure how to use it.
  48. 9th, half diminished and minor 6 chords
  49. functional harmony - my last lesson
  50. awesome jazz theory book that everyone learning jazz should get!
  51. half whole and whole half diminished scale question
  52. Q about chords in modes.
  53. Tuning problem
  54. Song Analysis: Abide with Me
  55. Minor Key Harmony
  56. Correct usage of diminished chords
  57. Superimposed Scales
  58. triads in minor scale
  59. Music Theory Q&A
  60. Getting a manouche guitar.
  61. Melodic Minor Modes and Chords
  62. Modulation or change of tonal center?
  63. Three or four notes in a triad?
  64. Anthology for Music Ananlysis
  65. Most POPULAR Scales
  66. secondary Dominants
  67. Circle progressions
  68. Jell-O keys......
  69. What's the difference between Natural and Melodic minor?
  70. Scale/mode combination question
  71. To create a solo based in a chord progression
  72. Chord Progressions
  73. Memorizing the notes on the fretboard (guitar)
  74. Scales, Chords, Frequencies.
  75. Crazy Scale Idea
  76. Blues vs. Jazz
  77. crossed voicing in bach chorals
  78. Harmonizing a Melody
  79. I can not find it, ,London College of Music Handbook for Certificate Examinations in
  80. Learning music theory...what first?
  81. vocal theory..every thing abt vocals(rock) basic theory
  82. Harmonizing the Spanish Gypsy Scale
  83. Voicings and Inversions are same?
  84. Chord Functions on Other Than Major Keys
  85. modulating from C#min to F#min
  86. Making An Ascending Major Sequence More Interesting
  87. Piano sheet music - clef question
  88. Doubt - Relationship between two scales
  89. Identify scales from solos
  90. Chromatic scales in guitar neck
  91. Notes on the stem - order? East or West...
  92. Again- modal vamp - check me out.
  93. Why does this key modulation work?
  94. Cole Porter's
  95. The 3rd Harmonic and the Interval of a Fifth
  96. Online Tool for Determining Keys
  97. Byzantine Scale
  98. Jazz Theory (What is it?)
  99. Where can the V go other than resolve to I?
  100. chord sequences vs chord progressions
  101. Voice Leading
  102. Microtonal Questions
  103. Borrowed Chords question in Songwriting?
  104. Notating non-scale (chromatic) Chords
  105. Musicians call the note with frequency "440 vibrations per second" an "A"
  106. Helmholtz notation
  107. Song analysis--Incubus "Dig"
  108. Help me out with these Cadences!
  109. Pollack's "In My Life" analysis
  110. What scale, what chords?
  111. two primary dominant
  112. How to Follow a Melody in a Chord Progression
  113. Music Theory podcasts?
  114. Why Do Major Keys Suck and Minor Keys Rule?
  115. Greensleeves Numerals
  116. Clef question
  117. Subdominant Minor and Modal Interchange
  118. G clef
  119. Need help understanding modal tonality...
  120. Finding what chords will fit good with a scale?
  121. Tonal music - What is it?
  122. Key Signatures
  123. Is this riff in key Dmaj?
  124. How did Ma7 get labeled "Delta"?
  125. Chord identification
  126. Understanding And Applying Time
  127. Chord relationship thingie I'm unsure about.
  128. Why did 'C' become the middle note? Why not ' middle A'?
  129. chord substitution in minor keys
  130. A third of a beat in a 4/4
  131. Are there any Christmas songs in Minor keys?
  132. Notation - 3 quarters rest
  133. What are Discords
  134. Modifying arpeggios
  135. What is the time signature
  136. Musical key question
  137. Chord colours
  138. How do I write guitar parts in key with other guitar parts I've written
  139. Relative Keys?
  140. Treble Clef
  141. Modes and Pitch Axis Theory - a little confused.
  142. Compound time signature
  143. Enharmonic intervals in a harmonic context
  144. Compound intervals
  145. Prime intervals
  146. Is there a figured bass for..
  147. Question about a modulation I've seen..
  148. Why IV7 - I7 sounds so fulfilling?
  149. E7Sharp5(Sharp9)
  150. Happy New Year to all.... and a question about scales
  151. Circle of fitths - Usefull mnemonic
  152. Any tips when using 'outside' or passing chords?
  153. Tips for breaking down the concept of guitar riffs?
  154. Want to learn classical theory
  155. Does getting older make music more irrelevant or is it the other way around?
  156. Help needed with Key Signatures
  157. Difference between Mozart and modern music
  158. i-VI-iv-v
  159. From scales to chord formulas... and then notes
  160. Arpeggios: Do note have to be in order ?
  161. Song analysis method
  162. Music theory in Dethklok
  163. Harmonic Analysis of Schubert's Piano Sonata in A Major, op. 120, I
  164. #4 Chord
  165. Name this chord
  166. Flats and sharps in a melody
  167. Key signature in several instruments
  168. Probably Stupid Question about learning modes, please help
  169. Help finding some nice sounding chord voicings ??
  170. Easy Song Analysis
  171. Music Theory Resources From Other Cultures?
  172. Music Theory Resources From Other Cultures?
  173. Sighting reading rhythms?
  174. Bass line - straight 8th, swing 8th and walking 8th
  175. Joinning two song versions
  176. Chords with scale tones higher than 7
  177. Minor Key progressions?
  178. Create Custom Scale software
  179. Reading intervals in the staff
  180. Scales and how to improvise, basically.
  181. Inversions
  182. Naming intervals
  183. New to Music Theory
  184. Relationship between keys and scales
  185. Best Resources on Composition
  186. Minority? Majority? Help with words!
  187. Major chords triads
  188. Is it a real scale?
  189. Chord Progressions identification
  190. Slonimsky's "Thesaurus of Scales and Melodic Patterns"
  191. Harmonizing the major scale
  192. Music history
  193. Never heard of new ideas!
  194. Interval question..need help
  195. Interval identification
  196. Chord theory
  197. Chord progression versus scales
  198. Can western harmony accompany world music?
  199. Analysing a song and learning from it.
  200. Scale steps doubt
  201. Can you help me analyze this passage?
  202. Learning from Scott Henderson Dvd. Day one to day.............
  203. Major 11th chords
  204. Analysis Help: "Black Cow" by Steely Dan
  205. improvisation help
  206. Sonata Forms
  207. newbie needs help connecting scales, arpeggios, etc
  208. Theory exercises book
  209. Favorite scale(s)?
  210. Ear Training for a Guitarist
  211. Music is almost entirely social
  212. Guitar notes on a staff
  213. Inversions
  214. Change of tonality
  215. Modal chord progressions
  216. Chord name (m7b9)
  217. Air - Bathroom Girl - Help Needed!
  218. Where should I go next in my studies?
  219. I've got the chords, How do i find the scale?
  220. Music theory podcasts
  221. Food for thought
  222. Major and minor triads and their meanings
  223. How can i recognize the scale of these chords?
  224. Easley Blackwood
  225. Outlining chords
  226. How to find the key of a song with just a keyboard
  227. Phrygian chords
  228. Is the chromatic scale a result of the diatonic scale?
  229. sequencing arpeggios what do you do?
  230. Help? Quarter Triplets in 4/4 and 6/8 time
  231. How come stairway to heaven is in Am?
  232. A Good Music Theory/Harmony Book?
  233. Advanced harmony book for computer musicians?
  234. Inverted Chords Query
  235. How do you write your harmonies?
  236. G Mixolydian and G altered scale
  237. modes and non-diatonic chords
  238. modes and dual functioning chords
  239. Hyphens in key signature?
  240. Chord progession questions..
  241. Chord vamps....
  242. A few theory questions...
  243. Etude
  244. Structure of a gavotte
  245. Roman numeral and functions
  246. Unusual intervals
  247. SATB, voice-leading, chord voicing and counterpoint
  248. Is the 'Major seventh chord' wikipedia page correct?
  249. Staff with two clefs
  250. Counterpoint rules