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  1. where can i get a backing track for "canon rock" by jerry c??
  2. Well, this is different
  3. Help
  4. Creative insecurity
  5. Does theoretical knowledge make you a better musician?
  6. What makes you tick?
  7. So does anybody else keep a book of licks?
  8. tab or no tab?
  9. Funk guitar
  10. Diploma Vs Degree
  11. I don't know what to call it
  12. God....i Fu##ing Hate School
  13. Does skill fade - help!!
  14. What makes a song "strong"?
  15. Your most common band arguments?
  16. Tuition Dvd/books
  17. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder & Perfectionism
  18. Transcribing?
  19. Tips for a young choir director
  20. Personal Life in music?
  21. Creative difference in band
  22. singing hey joe
  23. Some stuff I have been thinking about.
  24. progress
  25. electric to classical
  26. Memorizing jazz standards
  27. Things to work on
  28. Guitarist Reaching For Help
  29. Band problems
  30. How Brave?
  31. Getting in my own way whilst practicing
  32. The Bar
  33. When the time came, how did you do it?
  34. What makes people quit/take a break from guitar?
  35. Please help with my current band problem...
  36. beating frequencyes
  37. RSI - on a personal level....
  38. Thrown in at the deep end.
  39. Experience Score Sheet (for mental pickup)
  40. Does metal make you paranoid?
  41. Problems looking at audience while playing
  42. 2 problems...
  43. How to give constructive criticism
  44. Music Depression
  45. Losing the fire/ Structured practice?
  46. I've got everything I need to succeed as a musician except for sociality
  47. What´s your take on it - burn out??
  48. hearing between the sounds
  49. Keyboardist Problems
  50. Why?
  51. tangible evidence of emotion in instrumentals
  52. drugs or ego?
  53. Ok I'm getting a job at a music store soon so...
  54. Gender issues in bands/music
  55. Giving up Music as a profession.
  56. I Have A Great Mood Today, And I Would Like To Share It With Everybody.
  57. Practical Application
  58. The Bar
  59. 'Alright for a girl'
  60. I like to be employed, thanks to the MiJob.ORG
  61. On the fence with my band, but not your typical story
  62. Emergency
  63. Has anybody read the book Effortless Mastery?
  64. Just Want To Show You!
  65. i need a exercise to control the string while bending
  66. So I'm a guitar teacher... And I need a guitar teacher's help!
  67. Music appreciation vs. idol worship
  68. cuban music
  69. What does a jazz musician need to master?
  70. Ongoing Lesson
  71. Another Lesson (Longer, More Rambling... Less Interesting)
  72. Nature vs Nurture (Talent or Time)
  73. Nervous
  74. Never feeling good enough
  75. Playing music for fun vs. for profit
  76. Leaving My Band With Best Mates For Another..
  77. Your thoughts
  78. Guitars and Reason software?
  79. A Love Supreme: Summoning the Muse
  80. "Finding people to play with" or "Wannabe musicians suck"
  81. help me mate in playing lick in particular chords
  82. Flowers
  83. Good God Almighty - whats with all this semi-deleted spam?
  84. Endless Performance
  85. Hi
  86. Mental blockage
  87. joining a band
  88. The categories of becoming a guitarist.
  89. Finger injury, road block or opportunity?
  90. Finger injury, road block or opportunity?
  91. How dedicated are you...
  92. How many songs do you play to keep wanting more
  93. Learn to read music.
  94. Music as a global language. Looking for inspiration.
  95. Hi guys!
  96. Jazz Humor
  97. Hey I'm new
  98. Clever title
  99. distrust towards guitar teachers
  100. chat for guitarists
  101. catholics-guitarplayers- hatred
  102. How long will it take to regain my ability?
  103. How's it going?
  104. I'm Happy to be Here
  105. styx- blue collar man-help on lyrics' message needed
  106. Dealing with negativity
  107. Advice Needed For Impassioned Newbie
  108. Confused about mixed feelings about music career
  109. Imagined Tone Identification Drills
  110. Thinking in higher frequency octaves
  111. Lack of Motivation
  112. Neat little thought
  113. Lost
  114. session musician- areas of competence
  115. I dont even know if this is the right thread.
  116. is 21+ too late to become a conservatory student?
  117. Not enough time to study theory and practice my guitar playing
  118. session musician- resistance to stress on a stage
  119. left area of the brain- creativity
  120. Mental stuff
  121. Have any of you heard of
  122. Gear Buying filosophy - Think big!
  123. london- playing gypsy jazz in the street
  124. Memorizing long pieces
  125. The slowest way to learn guitar
  126. Helloooo again!!!!!! :-)
  127. Dry Mouth - Singing, Cold Fingers - Guitar
  128. Getting the most out of a guitar teacher
  129. Thanks
  130. why they ( professionals) always discourage people from playing? Is it about competin
  131. bad emotions- musical instruments
  132. Frustration : how to deal with it ?
  133. How to deal with nervousness?
  134. Not able to practice regularly
  135. difference between amateur and professional players
  136. I have too much passion and not enough skill (And it stops me making music)
  137. musical cities in UK
  138. My guitar solo [You Tube video] for #Solocontest2016
  139. Guitarist/Singer help
  140. Are people who have had lessons just as confused as people who have never had lessons