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05-28-2003, 10:05 PM
was wondering if any of you guys are into Tourniquet.
My old roommate was really into christian rock and metal and he had these guys blasting one day.. some awesome riffs and leads, especially their older stuff.. although they get a bit ecclectic and somewhate unfocused at times.. but when they are rocking they are making some great noise..

the guitarist gets a great distorted sound, I think I read he's using a Gibson SG through a modified fuzz face into an Orange amp on a clean setting.. really heavy, reminds me a bit of Megadeth meets Slayer at times...


05-29-2003, 10:52 AM
I've not heard of them, but since you recommend them I'm going to check their music out,

The only groups I know & have listened to that are somewhat catogorized as of a Christian influence are Stryper, POD, Creed, etc.

I'm sure there are many others.

On a different note, since you have a great deal of experience playing acoustic Bluegrass guitar, do you ever get a chance to perform in, or make it to the National Flatpickers competitions?

An acquaintance of mine, Dylan Schorer, who I was in Guitar ensembles with during my 1st year of College, even won the Flatpickers competition that year, soon after was editor for some popular Acoustic Musician magazine(whose name escapes my mind right now)

The reason I ask is because last year I got to perform & attend at the National Fiddle Players Championship competitions up in Northern Idaho(the same one Mark O'Conner performed & won like 5 times prior to becoming a Huge Session musician & Star)

What a great experience, especially later during the evening:
All week long you could just go around to each individual tent or Camper, & jam with some of the most AMAZING, UNDERRATED, Technically, and stylistically Professional musicians in the Bluegrass, and Flatpicking music style.

And I have to say some of the most easygoing, openminded, musicians I have had the opportunity to jam with, & subsequently learn from!!!

05-29-2003, 12:37 PM
I have one of their cd's, but haven't paid much attention to it yet. Maybe I will give it a spin.

05-29-2003, 11:51 PM
on the bluegrass thing Schooligo mentioned..

I keep up with the competitions but I've never participated in one of them. I do however attend many of the bluegrass and old time festivals, pleanty of after show and evening jam sessions and they are tons of fun. Bluegrass jam sessions are a great musical culture study too, the typical standards allow all sorts of interpretation and the players tend to interact like a jazz jam.. The jams usually have a certain vauge theme to them though, basically one has to learn to tell the 'traditional' players from the 'newgrass' players and those that are open to everything..

on Tourniquet.. there is a good compilation cd of them called Collected Works of Tourniquet that has a lot of their choice heavier tracks... the christian element is deffinately there, but they don't really come of as preachy so much as gus having fun and talking about things they truely believe in.. they also have a good sense of humor. Overall, I think their cool Bach influenced riffs are their strong point, and they deffinately sound more comfortable when playing the thrash style stuff.