View Full Version : If you like weird but cool shred...

01-07-2003, 07:41 PM
check out the site of ThirdEyeBlind-guitarist Tony Fredianelli (http://www.tonyfredianelli.com)

FYI, he used to be the guitarist for the late 80īs band Apocrypha ( they were signed to the Shrapnel Label... someone described them as "Judas Priest style band with lots of flashy guitar work" )

At the media->audio-section, you can download all three Apocrypha-albums as MP3s ( for free ! ), but whatīs even cooler: you can download Tonyīs solo-album "Breakneck Speed".
Itīs a weird album, lots of odd time-riffs and samples, but also some cool guitar-playing, all instrumental. Itīs very heavy, very groovy and pretty weird.
Check it out though, you can download the whole thing for free