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Thread: Single String Picking Problem

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    Registered User nat_louie's Avatar
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    Aug 2005

    Single String Picking Problem

    Hi People,

    ive been getting a little mushy on my picking lately because i really am having a big problem with my single string picking... I a cant do it accurately, when i do it slow, the pinky in my right hand seems a little uneasy and always pull on the high-e string whenever i do the single string picking exercise... Any tips so that i could get a more relaxed/ non tensed picking on a single string??
    i would really like to ask you if you have any exercies on improving single string picking particulary picking the low-e string for lead and rhythm purposes.

    thanks and Godbless you all.

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    Registered User Santuzzo's Avatar
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    Mar 2004
    Amsterdam, The Netherlands
    Get Troy Stetina's book "Speed Mechanics for Lead Guitar" !

    It covers many aspects of picking among other things ....

    And the chapter on picking starts off with single string picking, lots of good exercises !

    Good luck !

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