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Thread: multi-movement structure theory

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    Aug 2005

    multi-movement structure theory

    what are the Basics or Blocks of multi-movement theory?

    Each composer had different multi-movement formulas what did they do different?

    They would "Delay" or "add in extra" or "re-arrange" the sections

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    Multi-movement Formal Building Blocks::

    1.) episodes
    2.) diversions
    3.) couplets
    4.) refrain
    5.) Transition
    6.) Retransition
    7.) closing section
    8.) coda
    9.) codetta
    10.) exposition
    11.) development
    12.) recapitulation
    13.) finales
    14.) ritornello
    15.) Prelude- a introduction

    is there any more im missing for chamber,concertos, quartets, symphonies?

    Theme,Motifs,phrases,subjects,answers,lied,cells,r iffs

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