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    Ok guys...
    I need some help here.

    I was sitting down listening to one of my favorite guitarists play some cool solo, and then I analyzed it (Dont know why)
    I realized that, that song was rather well put together, and then I listened to the solo, and was blown away.

    Then I thought to myself, I wish I could do that..I can play that bands song. But I guess that's my problem, that its THAT bands song, and not mine. I want to be able to make music like that, to be able to make up riffs, and licks, then make a song, and Make everything fit into place.

    I just dont know how to do it, I here.."learn scales" (as you can tell from previous threads).."learn chords"..I've learned some.
    "learn theory" I have no clue how to learn that, then I looked at my fav. guitarists biography..and noticed he taught himself off of Metallica tabs. Then I thought, he didnt have to learn all this stuff! How did he get so good without the scale practice and the chord practice, or the learning theory?

    Is this just a phase Im going threw??

    Or should I just not worry about this?

    I've bought books, I've looked at sites..I've asked people, and there are no instructors where I live.

    Ok, I guess I was rambling there..
    But anyway..Like I've said before, I've been playing other bands songs for over a year now, and I wanna branch out into creating lead parts. (licks..riffs..so on)
    Whats the secret, cause when I think about it, or go to sites with instructions on things, they answer everything but my questions. Or maybe they answer my questions, and I just dont understand what there trying to say, because they say things like.."Ok, You learn the pentatonic scale, which have 5 notes within each root" Then I play it, and notice there are 1 or 2 extra notes they placed in there, and I ask myself "What the heck are those doing there?? They are just placed they, after the last roof in the minor pentatonic scale, what is there purpose for being there???"

    Can someone..please tell, what is to be learned that is nessecary, and how I practice that nessecary thing. How it works, and how I am suposed to use it?

    Ok...I'll shorten this question up. How do I "Shread"? What are some things I need to know before I can do so? How do I create chord progressions? How should I approach the Pentatonic Minor scale?

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