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Thread: Making the most of books...

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    Quote Originally Posted by forgottenking2
    so are you guys (phantom and silent storm) thinking in note to chord relationship as you are reading?
    correct. although to begin with it isn't easy to get both happening with a totally unfamiliar piece of music. I started by just concentrating on notes and once I was comfortable with most sight reading I was able to start thinking about other things, like the function of what's happening and the arpeggios that are outlining chords. I have to admit it is still a real good day when I can get the analysis really happening during sight reading because analyzing doesn't come naturally when you are trying to hit the right notes. It's easier when you're improvising because it's more of a give and take. Sometimes your mind moves faster then your fingers and sometimes your fingers move faster and you analyze it after the fact...and on good days you just sit back and listen to yourself play.

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    First of all: i'm a bad sight reader.

    When i have to sightread i go with identifying the key then the notes and luckily enough i know the fretboard quiet well enough to hit the right one (most of the times ). Maybe i can figure out the intervall btween the notes i have to play and take that as a help. ut i don't relate them to the chord immediately.
    As for readig chords - most horrible. I see the structure and figure aout the quality and inversion, to grab it as single stacked notes takes just too much time.

    So, when reading i rather go with note to note intervall relationship.
    When improvising i go with relating the notes to the chord and the key.

    Hmm... raspberries.

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