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Thread: Heavy guitars( over 10 lbs)

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    Heavy guitars( over 10 lbs)


    I own a 91 telecaster deluxe plus and it weights nearly 11 lbs- so it gives me shoulderache when I perform 2 hours on a stage. I am looking for advices from 'heavy' guitar users. (like les paul and telecasters).

    Thanks ,

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    Hi there,

    is that gear-talk - or isn't it...? Generally, we don't discuss any gear-related stuff here at IBreathe (refer to the forum rules for further information!). Please head over to www.harmonycentral.com for questions concerning gear.
    Other than that, maybe you should try a really broad, soft-padded strap for your guitar. Btw. Telecasters are the coolest guitars I can think of and that scorching, twangy sound is worth every discomfort. J/K

    "I guess I'm always hoping that you'll end this reign, but it's my destiny to be the king of pain."

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    Agreed... we do not support gear-related discussions... www.harmony-central.com would be a good place to get that going...

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