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Thread: Help with riff

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    Help with riff

    Hi, my bassist and drummer keep fighting over this riff, and I just want them to resolve their issues... the bassist wrote it and hears it a certain way, and the drummer hears it a different way... (it's my song play it my way/I'm the drummer I'll play it this way)
    (btw this is on guitar)

    D ---------------7-------------6-------------8------8-6-6-5-
    A ----------6-5-----------6-5-----------6-5------------------
    D (0)-0-0-0--------0-0-0---------0-0-0---------0-0----------

    All the notes are of equal value, and that's played over and over again... is there any way someone could tell me what meter or whatever that is just from the tab? The note that is in parentheses is one that the bassist says we have to play in order to keep the rhythym (only played the first time around, I mostly ignore it, it's supposed to carry over from the nonexistant previous measure)... I don't know, I count it as "one two three for five six one two three four five six" but he says to count "one two three four one two three four"

    I play it the same no matter what, and I can "hear" it in different ways, but if someone could help me come up with the words to explain to both of them what's going on, that would be greatly appreciated, and then we can move on :P
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