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Thread: New song, I have a question about it..

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    Registered User ashc's Avatar
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    Feb 2004
    Right, I'd leave it 5 years, just so he's totally forgotten, and then surprise him with a baseball bat! (joking).

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    Since 1988 Carvinite's Avatar
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    Jan 2004
    Dude Russ!!! I Wanna Hear The Hip Hop Version!!! Do It!!

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    Nov 2006
    Are you serious? I gotta wait five years.. well i'm sure it'll be satisfying at the time! Haha, seriously, so do the hip-hop version! That'd be hilarious.. and yes, he does deserve it.. well a lot worse but i'm sure this is a start
    Hidden Content icey_cold666 <3

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    Modbod UKRuss's Avatar
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    Oct 2004
    Funky Munky World
    okey dokey, I'll get on it!

    ps. Ryan, thanks for the kind words re: Stoned. My friend Mat who sings has been singing for a good 15 years now but i wanted to mention, he really didn't start off with a great voice but over time he has really focused on his breathing and of course melody. i think it now works very well, he'll never have one of those "wow! Who is that?" kind of voices but for an amateur band it works fine, he is in tune, sings great harmonies and writes a good lyric with a good melody.

    Check out his own website for more of the same, some of which I am playing guitar on, www.soundclick.com/roughcutuk.

    I liked yout track and i particularly liked the emotion in the singing, but as above I think you need to focus on the core tools of singing, like breathing and generating the power, as well as hanging it on a defined melody.

    Try to seperate the singing from the guitar playing too, so write the guitar part or have the progression down and record it but then sing sperately working it as a compliment so that one doesn't take over the other.
    Last edited by UKRuss; 11-20-2006 at 11:03 AM.

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    Since 1988 Carvinite's Avatar
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    Jan 2004
    Thanks russ, I know my singing is gonna take some time, but Im a very impatient individual.....And I know I needed to track the guitars first, but with my equipment I can't really do that...anyway man, later

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