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Thread: Michael A. Birthday!

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    Modbod UKRuss's Avatar
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    Oct 2004
    Funky Munky World

    Michael A. Birthday!

    A newbie birthday! And you share it with my oldest son, so doubly col from my point of view.

    However it brings into focus your story of the RSI when I see you are only 19!! Good lord, I'm twice that age and I'll be honest, generally I've never felt better.

    I have top sayu I did have many more twinges and pains at that age too. Funny thing.

    I had a looooong course with physios and osteopaths for a shoulder/neck problem, that in the end went away.

    Anyway, rambling on. Happy Birthday!

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    Mode Rator Zatz's Avatar
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    Apr 2002
    Kiev, Ukraine
    Happy birthday, Michael!

    Russdad! And happy birthday to your son! I'm a tiny bit younger but I see what you mean. However old you are there are always some age specific problems you have to face even when you're 19. Everything is yet to come and never here when you need it most

    Happy double bubble again!
    Zadd9 -> A6 -> T#9b5 -> Zmaj7

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    Registered User Michael. A's Avatar
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    Oct 2006
    England, Essex
    Wow I wasn't expecting this. Thank you so much . Very nice to be here, definately the best website for guitar I've found.

    I got many problems unfortunately. Problem with my back, ezema, asthma etc. I don't care about them, but not playing guitar is the killer!

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    Modally Challenged!!!! mattblack850's Avatar
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    Nov 2004
    At the bottom of another Bottle of Brown Ale.
    Happy belated birthday wishes Micheal and also to your son Russ dood!!

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    Experimentalist Koala's Avatar
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    Jun 2002
    Behind you...
    Yo Mike , Happy Birthday!

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