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Thread: What a wonderful musical world!

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    What a wonderful musical world!

    Hi IBreatheMusic community!

    I was going to create a Now Playing thread but the name of this post seems more appropriate(if you want to move this post to a now playing thread I understand)

    background to story:
    about 4 months ago I met a musician professional who is american(and knows a variety of different languages) and we have gotten to be pretty good friends, he is a traveler of the world, and especially spends a quarter of his time in south america, partly because he's married to this cute brazillian girl, and when I have time I enjoy going over to his place to visit, jam and write music, watch the world cup, etc.

    anyway the other day he was watching this instructional music video he had bought recently when he was down in South America featuring this Brazillian musician by the name of Eduardo Ardanuy,

    now I don't know or understand alot of the language Brazilians use, (my friends are teaching me, the more I spend time with them)

    so I didn't understand alot of what this Edu Ardanuy was saying, But luckily for me Music is a universal language

    it was mainly an instructional video of Edu playing alot of his songs and solos, first playing them at fast(normally recorded tempo) then showing at a much slower tempo, SEPARATE what the fretboard hand did, and then would show SEPARATE the picking hand, it seems to be a pretty well made instructional video,

    but I was pleasantly surprised, I've never heard of him, and I like many of you I'm passionate about music.

    there are so many good musicians out in the world
    (and many of them are part of this IBreatheMusic Community!!) and I always try to be someone who listens to tasteful musicians.

    have many of you listened to this guy? I mean I have only heard a couple of his songs, solos, and riffs but

    this Edu Ardanuy IMHO is a very tasteful musician in my opinion, and he writes some really catchy riffs and music, and the music I've heard is very guitar driven and advanced in the writing of the compositions. if you haven't had an opportunity to listen to some of his music I recommend it

    so there's my little observation for the day,
    also I wanted to thank all of you for "exposing me" to 2 of my new favorite musicians which I got turned on to by our Now Playing threads,

    Andy Timmons
    Blues Saraceno

    have a great day!
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