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Thread: Frankie Miller

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    Dec 2006

    Frankie Miller

    Hi Guys. Im looking for guitar tabs for Frankie Millers song Darlin. Yeh I know - Old song and all that BUT My dad used to play it to me when I was young and he was the person who got me into guitars and I would really like to play it for him - it would make him really proud! Ah sweet!

    Have trawled the net for tabs and come up with nothing - which surprises me! Anyway I have faith that someone can give me a hand.

    Cheers and here's hoping xx

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    Sep 2006
    Sorry, I looked everywhere I could think of and came up empty-handed. You might have better luck asking in the Café.

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    Dec 2006


    Thanks for trying Romp. Its a Slippery little sucker this one!

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