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Thread: Slide guitar steel guitar style

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    Slide guitar steel guitar style


    I hope someone can help me.

    I play a little slide guitar from time to time and I find playing basic open-tuning-blues pretty easy. But I am now trying to get that Country n Western pedal steel guitar sound.

    Has anybody any tips?


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    I'll be real short on the next paragraphs, since it is a hardware topic and this is a theory board, and the mods may nuke it anyway.

    When I was a kid there were Telecasters with B string benders. Basically, you pushed on the guitar, and the strap pulled the strap button, bending the B string. It was designed to address your actual need. I cannot help but imagine that they are still sold in a variety of brands and body styles. Do a search on "B string bender." Perhaps that'll work for you.

    The mods may lock this now, since getting a pedal steel sound will almost always involve a hardware issue such as raising your strings, string guage, flatwound, metal slide, and possibly tuning your unwound G string up an octave after chnaging to a lighter guage on it. Hint, hint.

    But perhaps other posters know of a technique that'll do the trick. I do not.

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    Blutwulf is correct of course, I'm afraid I can't see this could be answered in any way than it becoming a gear related question.

    Unfortunately, we don't discuss gear here. We recommend Harmony Central.

    I'm sure others with thoughts could/will PM you, rather than posting a reply, as surely as Blutwulf will in the future.

    Thread Closed

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