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Thread: Diatonic scales....

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    Diatonic scales....

    From a theory perspective what is a diatonic scale? I can't seem to find anything written about this in detail anywhere on the web, so could someone do so please. Why were they created, what are they and how are they relavent? (all are know is that the major and minor scales are examples.)

    Also, just a little question on the side, why to form the harmonic minor do raise a note or whatever it is? ( I can't remember off the top of my head ) Why don't we just leave it alone as the "natural" minor?

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    Hey Simon!

    Why search so hard? Just read these Guni's articles:

    1. http://www.ibreathemusic.com/learn/article/105
    2. http://www.ibreathemusic.com/learn/article/106
    3. http://www.ibreathemusic.com/learn/article/108

    Brilliant articles.

    Re harmonic minor check out this:


    IBreathe is much more than "anywhere on the web"

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