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Thread: my guitar teacher died...

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    Registered User lotus's Avatar
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    Dec 2006

    my guitar teacher died...

    well, where do i start...

    today was the first day back from the 2 week end-of-term holidays. back to school for term 2 of 2007.

    so i got to school and then just after roll call as i was walking to class a friend of mine came up and said "dude, ceeda died last friday." (his name was tacteem proceeda, but his original name was matthew anderson, he had to change it for legal reasons). and he was 33 years old.

    at first i just said "ahah yeah, funny." but then he said "no, dude, i'm serious..." and that was that.

    he died of an aneurysm in his brain. he was sitting on the floor of his house with his 3 and 7 year old boys drawing pictures and he got up to go to the toilet and didn't make it to the door, he just collapsed and died right there.

    his wife left him just a few weeks before for some reason.

    he was such a damn nice guy but he had such bad luck since i've known him. his car got stolen, then damaged in a storm, then one of his vintage guitars was wrecked in a flooding accident and then his wife left him.

    i started going to him about a year ago. back then, i thought playing "smells like teen spirit" was cool. he introduced me to pentatonic scales, major and minor chords, and eventually modes.

    if it wasn't for him i'd still be sitting in my room playing "smells like teen spirit" to myself, instead of playing improvised jams with my friends infront of audiences. i truly owe this guy my whole guitar career (i've been playing for nearly 2 years).

    this guy really did change my life. he introduced me to hendrix, led zeppelin, pink floyd and many other great bands. he taught me invaluable lessons: work hard at your skill, perservere and have fun.

    he was literally the most interesting person i've ever met. he was eccentric, happy and always completely nuts, which was so awesome.

    his funeral is on this friday or saturday and if all his students came, there'd be over 90 kids there.

    the worse thing about it i guess, is that it's such a loss of a great musician. he invented his own ways of teaching, taught the most important things, didn't just teach you songs. he really knew music, and had a deep respect for it.

    the worst thing is losing such a great source of huge knowledge of theory and about music in general. he knew every musician in the city.

    what he did do though, was plant some very, very important seeds in my mind. he's definately set me on my way to become a great musician.

    if i ever become famous or anything and anyone asks my how i started playing guitar i'd say "if it wasn't for ceeda i wouldn't be here."

    well, that's it i guess...

    thanks ceeda for all the information, fun and great times, you really were an awesome person.
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    Modbod UKRuss's Avatar
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    Oct 2004
    Funky Munky World
    That's one hell of a hard story man. No-one deserves that.

    At least his teachings will live on. Respect him with your music.

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    Registered User
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    Dec 2006
    Sad story - my sympathy goes out to his kids, no one should lose a father so young.

    It's tough to lose somebody whose had such an influence on you, but as Russ says, respect him with your music. The hurt passes, and you are left with good memories of a great guy, and a lot of inspiration.

    RIP ceeda

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    Dec 2006
    London, England
    Just shows you how fallible we all are…33 is no age at all…terribly sad.

    Lotus, I hope you stick to that, ie never forgetting. And hopefully that respect can be shown by doing as he suggested, working hard & trying always to persevere when it gets tough.

    Doesn’t matter if you take the playing to pro. levels, you may find other more important things in life, but as long as you keep playing then remember the guy and maybe try to keep that honest attitude towards trying to play as well as you can.


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    Ibreathe Music Advisor EricV's Avatar
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    Mar 2002
    I agree to all that was said. Very sad to hear all this, and I feel very sorry for the kids.
    Ian is right... always try to remember him and how he inspired you, what he taught you... and try to use that in the future, taking it from there to wherever you wanna go to.

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    Registered User
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    Aug 2004
    That is a really sad story. I hate to hear of anyone dying at such a young age, especially when young kids are affected. You have obviously been touched by a special person, and that is something you can treasure for a lifetime.

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    Mad Scientist forgottenking2's Avatar
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    Jul 2003
    Houston, TX
    Wow... that's really sad. Sorry man. And like Russ said, he will live in your (and his other student's) music.
    "If God had wanted us to play the piano he would've given us 88 fingers"

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    Experimentalist Koala's Avatar
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    Jun 2002
    Behind you...
    Thats a sad story Lotus, but it sounds like ceeda did lotsa stuff right while he was around as others hace said, honor all he gave you in your music.

    RIP Ceeda

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    Ceeda is a legend

    Really sorry to hear the news. Ceeda was my guitar teacher for just over 2 years. At my first ever lesson he was poking me in the chest saying you dont learn music you become music - now repeat it to me. I will always be indebted to Ceeda for the inspiration, enthusiasm and friendship he gave me.

    I am now living in the UK getting a metal band together. I will dedicate a song to him.

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    Registered User lotus's Avatar
    Join Date
    Dec 2006
    wow, that's awesome bott, what a coincidence.

    yeah, he was known far and wide for his dedication to music and learning theory and working hard.

    went to his funeral last friday, over 200 people attented. was fairly sad too.

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    Registered User
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    Aug 2007

    Unhappy Ceeda

    Hey, Ceeda was my first guitar teacher, and he taught me so much!

    I took it for granted though and regret it still. I'm still learning guitar but I don't think there will ever be a teacher as good as Ceeda.
    I still miss him, and everytime I play guitar or perform I play for him... hah prob sounds corny but yeah...

    Anyways good to know he is being remembered.

    have a good one.

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    Jemstar555 jemstar555's Avatar
    Join Date
    Oct 2005
    Liverpool, UK
    The guy obviously touched a lot of people.

    Keep the music alive for ceeda guys!!

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