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Thread: Is this perfect pitch or atleast the early stages - People wit PP enter!!!!

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    Is this perfect pitch or atleast the early stages - People wit PP enter!!!!

    Ok. I'm new. If you don't know me, my name is Meta Maestro.

    A little history. I've been drumming since the age of 7; surrounded by music constantly in church. I stopped drumming at 14 (mainly because I stopped going to church) and picked up music production and the piano. I'm 21 now.

    Now, I don't know if I have Perfect pitch, or if I was born with the gift... but I can tell you about a year ago; I started hearing songs off key by a few cents. This episode only occured once. At first I thought it was the Pitch wheel on my keyboard but after putting a professional song on; I realized it wasn't that.

    The pitch kept bending off like 20-30 cents. After that episode; I could hear the F# always. That F# always stuck out.

    Now a year has passed and I can tell each note apart. Let me give you example of how I feel when I hear it.

    Imagine a baby first learning its colors. You show him RED, but he doesn't know it's red. He just sees the traits associated with the color. Then you show him Green, and Purple and Blue... and he sees the traits associate with that color. He doesn't kNOW the label yet until you tell him, but he know they all are different..

    That's how I feel..I know F# sounds THIS way.. and B sounds this way (independent of relative pitch - because I know a perfect 5th when I hear it but even when hearing the perfect 5, I hear the notes inside it) I just can't accurately name them.

    Is that perfect pitch? Or some form of it? I've read that if you have PP and you don't develop it by 20 you lose it. And I've been musical since the age of 7 or even before that. And by musical I mean, surrounded by music; and my drumming. No piano lessons involved.

    Someone shed some light on this? I recently got the PP Course but I didn't really follow. I got this episode way before I brought the program.

    in the mean time check my music on myspace / metamaestro
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