Just wonder where your hand is positioned when palm muting (up & down, not left & right). Normally when I am playing the A string, for example, and palm muting it, the A string would be touching the pinky side of my hand about 1" down from my wrist (hand side, not forearm). Last night, I tried something different, and changed the angle of my hand so that the A string was touching my hand close to where my pinky connects to my hand (on the side edge). This new position felt more comfortable and relaxed. I haven't explored this technique much, but I thought I would see what everyone else does.

So the question is: When playing the A string and palm muting, where on the edge of your hand does the A string touch?

Obviously this isn't just a problem with the A string, but I just wanted to be specific, and have everyone looking at this from the same perspective.