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Thread: The guitar what an AWESOME instrument!!!

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    Nov 2002

    The guitar what an AWESOME instrument!!!

    Hi Guys & Ladies
    (BTW it is really great that ladies have joined the IBreathe community)

    lately I've just felt very fortunate to have the opportunity to learn & play the guitar.

    It's summer now, & lately at night I have gone outside with an acoustic steel string & inspiration has just been everywhere, & I just play.

    What an incredible instrument!

    Sometimes the instrument can be Simple but the beauty lies in it's simplicity. Sometimes the imstrument can be complicated and that is cool too.

    It's so versatile! IMHO I should say it is quite possibly one of the the most versatile instruments ever!!

    It's easily portable, and doesn't require alot of space for storage.

    I can create Harmonically, Melodically, or both.
    (Not all musical instruments have the ability to play both melodically & harmonically at the same time).

    I can play with a pick which will create a certain sound, I play without a pick using my fingers which will create a certain sound, I can just use my thumb(Wes Montgomery style)or I can play with both my pick & fingers(Hybrid) & that also will create a certain sound.

    I can choose the point of "attack",
    ie. near the neck will give a "warmer" tone, &/or the closer to the bridge I "attack" the strings the "brighter" the tone

    concerning the attack of a note, If I'm playing fingerstyle I can choose to use the flesh of my attacking finger for a certain sound, or I can play with the nail for a "brighter" tone, or I can combine both nail & flesh for another type of tone.

    I know alot of what I mentioned has to do with how the guitarist plays, & that's very important,
    but regardless of how subtle or extreme you are when playing, the Guitar will express the YOU of your playing be it subtle as you play or as extreme as you play.

    The instrument has the ability to chime like bells when I play Harmonics, can sound like a harp, a Kyoto, etc.

    The ability to transpose is user friendly,

    I can do any number of altered tunings &/or create my own.

    Then what about when you plug an electric guitar into a good sounding amp and hit an open E power chord (how very cool sounding is that), or bend a string and add vibrato (so the guitar "sings"), or use the whammy bar and do a cool divebomb turning the strings to "spaghetti".

    & then what if I apply any number of effects such as a cool delay effect, a flanger, etc.

    well you get the idea, & I hope you don't think this is not important occasionally in my desire to Master the instrument I sometimes forget how Simpleness is beauty,

    & just appreciate how fortunate I am to have chosen to play this instrument.

    I am & will always be dedicated to Guitar!!!
    Last edited by Schooligo; 06-09-2003 at 08:01 AM.
    "Success is arriving at a Personal Satisfaction within yourself"

    Dedicated To Guitar!!!

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    Feb 2003
    Well said Schooligo, it's nice to read stuff like this every once in awhile.

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    Maryland USA

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    Ahh...reading the part about going outside with the acoustic during the summer brings me back. One of my best summers a long time ago(so it seems), was when a friend would bring his acoustic over to my house. My roommate was a singer, and we would jam till 1 or 2 in the morning, having a few beers along the way. We'd do cover tunes, or just jam and see what happened. Good times...good times...

    Excellent post BTW.

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