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Thread: Satriani Legato Patterns

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    Satriani Legato Patterns

    High guys, it's been a while.

    I was having a tough time in summer school but I've found myself good time practicing Legato. - I kind of obsessed myself on Satriani's Legato Patterns which I could not transcribe any of them! ,

    -So, I'm asking if you could provide me with some good data about his most used Legato Patterns.

    Thank you very much.

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    Google is your friend...
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    search for satriani tabs, god knows there are plenty of them.

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    Something that I would also recommend is the book.. "Speed mechanics for Lead Guitar". The first section is all legato and has some great excersizes, which would help you develope those Satch type licks you are looking for...

    It's always great to learn someone else's licks, lord knows, I have many times, but it's also great to make your own.
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