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Thread: New demo with my band!

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    Apr 2004

    New demo with my band!

    Hello, my band has just put up a new demo on myspace. Please listen to it and say what you think about the songs! I play guitar and I'm also doing some backup vocals.

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    Which one is the new one?
    Is Clive a tribute to Clive Burr? It has a "Two Minutes to Midnight" feel to it (especially the opening riff)
    You guys sound pretty tight as a band. The recordings are good quality as well.
    Some of the solo's are just a little out of time, (just some constructive criticism here) but the rhythm work is pretty solid. The guitars have a nice crunch to them! I hear lots of NWOBHM influences.
    How did you record the band?

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    Apr 2004
    Thank you for replying, all songs are new. Recorded at the lead singers home. We all play solos, I play solo on Mr Marshall (the wahwah solo and also the octave solo), on Back Out I play the intro solo with wahwah, on Clive I play the last outro solo and on Give it away I play the fast solo. My solo on Give it away is a bit out of time I think I should have given it some more time to really nail it.

    Clive is not a tribute to Clive Burr, But Clive Burr is awesome! We recorded on a computer with a sound card and mixer. And miced the guitars with a condesator mic the singer sang on the same mic. The drums are adactive drummer and we used Cubase as the recording software.
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