Thanks everyone for the great chord ideas. I love playing all these different types of music.

I just learned how to play not that long ago, and needed some good chords to practice on. My uncle has been playing for a while and he gave me some great chords I wanted to pass on:
Doors - Riders On A Storm (Em Am D C)
Eric Clapton - Layla (Am F G Abm Ebm C#m F# B E)
Bob Marly - I Shot The Sheriff (Gm Cm Eb Dm Dm7)
The Throgg - Wild Thing (E A B)

They might not be the best songs, but I really love playing them. You've got to start somewhere.

Anyone got any more chords I could practice on this weekend?

- Sara

Not my fav songs to play, but I love listening to these top songs of 2012.