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Thread: Bar chords - never sounding perfect?

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    Bar chords - never sounding perfect?

    Hi everyone

    I found (and read) a couple of existing threads on bar chords, and they said fairly similar things: playing bar chords is strenuous, and work well after training, a reasonable amount of warming up, and generally when used in moderation.

    However, when taking all of those into account, can any of you actually play bar chords that sound perfect? I.e. you put the right amount of pressure on every string so they all sound good, and not just like "noise", or muted?

    I get by, but index fingers not being flat because of the way bones and joins are shaped, I never get even pressure on my strings. Even if I half-bend my finger to compensate. It feels like the best I can do is prioritise some strings (the majority of the 6); for the ones left, I can only "limit the (sound) damage" and not just "hit them right". Even after 3-4 years of fairly regular playing.

    Any thoughts, suggestions?

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