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Thread: question on mike campese new lesson

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    question on mike campese new lesson

    on Mike Campese lesson posted 6-26 example number 3 has an Emaj9 arpeggio in the first measure. Couldn't that also be played over an Eminor chord since there is no G# in that arp. Also does he call it an Emaj9 chord as opposed to Emin9 because the rest of the song is in the key of E major? thanks

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    Yep, that could be used over Em. The 9th often replaces the 3rd in these types of things. But you might want to play a D instead of D#.

    The D# which is the maj7 of an E arpeggio. This usually means major instead of minor (with the common exception being harmonic minor which has the raised 7th).

    Hope that answers your questions.
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