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Thread: iPhone music apps

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    Registered User Spiritinthesky's Avatar
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    Feb 2009

    iPhone music apps

    What music apps do you recommend?

    This Day in Music

    Good app for music fans, it has daily music history for every day of the year, with pics.

    Music quiz which is pretty hard!

    Which pop stars share your birthday.

    Music trivia section with loads of good stuff to tell your mates down the pub.

    (At the end of the song 'A Day In The Life' on The Beatles' Sgt Pepper's album there’s an ultrasonic whistle which can only be heard by dogs).

    And, see what was #1 in the charts on the day you were born. It has a record deck that shows you the track complete with scratching sounds!


    Lets see yours...

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    Jul 2010
    "Hexjam" is a pretty sweet application of an isomorphic keyboard to your iphone or ipod touch on which you can make music whenever you want.
    It's simple, well executed, and a pretty awesome app on which to both experiment musically and become familiar with the keyboard layout on the go from your pocket. You can get a bigger, better, two hand version for the iPad, if you have one of course ;-)



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    There are tons to choose from!

    There is a solid list @ http://mylifescoop.com/featured-stor...ic-lovers.html

    Personally, I use shazam constantly when I listen to the radio in my car and want to identify a song to check out later.

    Also the recorder apps with a good plug in microphone is great to for rough rehearsal/show recordings.
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