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Thread: Jon you play a little bass.........

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    Jon you play a little bass.........

    I play Pop, Rock and Country on my bass. Finding sheet music, for those styles, with the bass cleft shown is next to impossible. So I use fake chord or lead sheet, which as you know, does not have the bass cleft so ---- using the chord name I'm writing the bass lines I feel fits best. The band I'm with is a jamming band, no sheet music on stage.

    My bass line will shoot for what ever the chord is. R-3-5-b7, R-b3-5-b7, etc. Then the reality of the beat and groove may dictate how much of that can be used, i.e. root only, R-5's with chromatic runs to the next chord perhaps R-3-5-8 for one measure then 8-7-6-5 on the second measure of the same chord. I have my favorite "things" my question deals with how many favorite things......

    In my study of bass lines my latest "how to book" is Ed Friedland's Building Walking Bass Lines. Where I was glad to see Ed embraces chord tone interval numbers (R-3-5-b7) that's the way I think. In the study I've done so far there are a kizillions different bass line "riffs" shown as possible selections for each chord. I'm coming to the conclusion - if it's in scale it'll work.

    For example:

    How detailed do you get? I know it depends, but, really ......
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