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I'm not sure I would use the word "rhythm", because that might make people think of chords and harmony etc. But in any style of music, when you learn any licks or phrases (or the complete song), notice that it's no use just playing the right notes in the right order ... that's not enough to make it sound anything like the intended song/lick/phrase at all.

The missing elements are the timing and accenting between the notes - the licks and phrases only begin to sound "musical" when you add the right hythmic beat or pulse to what you are playing.

You could call that "phrasing". Ie everything about the choice of notes, the way the notes are played in terms of their timing, accenting, and colourations such as legato.

Put that another way - I can recall learning various songs and thinking " well I can now play all of the song, apparently correctly, but still it doesn't sound quite right, as if something is missing " ... what was missing was that I wasn't really playing from one note to the next in the right musical rhythmic way.
IMO you have a point : Italians would use fraseggio = phrasing but also pronuncia = pronunciation ...
this approach definitely applies to a vocalist solo !!!
like saying there is a peculiar way of phrasing/pronouncing a jazz melody ...