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Thread: Voice Leading

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    Voice Leading

    I'm not sure if this is the right forum to ask this, but here goes. I'm busy learning voice leading as my harmony book instructs, this is the four part chorale style. I'm curious to know how what I'm learning can be applied aside from the four part style, as I know that real music that I like, which does adhere to the common practice period voice leading, does not actually get written in four parts. In fact, it is often very difficult to discern any structure or method to it. Which makes it hard for me to see where the jump from four part writing to real world music is made.

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    Interesting question, but it sounds little broad to me. What's the "real music" that you like? How do you know it adheres to CPP voice-leading, if you're just studying the latter? Or what makes you think it does, and how strictly does it? And does it never get written in four parts?
    At least, all the music I can think of that might fit that description certainly does have "structure and method" (If it didn't how would you be able to spot the voice-leading? Surely that's a sign of both structure and method of some kind?)

    Sorry I don't mean to beat you up over your question! I'm no expert on 4-part chorale writing - so I might not be able to help you even you answered all the above - but I know people who are. They may come here sometimes, but you will certainly find them here:

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    Voice leadiung can be applied to guitar or keys/piano or any other instrument where multiple notes can be played at once.

    or example instead of plaing a V I progression with both chords in root position, you can put the V chord in third inversion and the movement of the notes will be smoother (smaller spaces between notes in V and notes in I chord).

    So, in Cmajor:
    Both root position
    D > G
    B > E
    G > C

    With G in second inversion
    B > G
    G > E
    D > C

    But not all types of music care that much about good voice leading, and some purposely go against that and try to be angular and akward sounding.

    It also doesn't have to be in four parts, you can apply the same principles to any amount of voices.

    You should post some examples of this music that seems to follow the "rules" you speak of, but doesn't make sense to you.
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