I'm positing this here because I dont see how it fits anywhere else.
im a new poster, and a new musician. But its not me that needs help.
My singer is a good singer...we play semi hard rock like alternative style
so we get heavy sometimes...when we are playing at home in a normal sound range shes a great singer...when we go to the studio, when ever things get so loud we cant hear ourselves think...which I think is pretty normal in a studio to play over the drummer she goes flat terribly...we couldn't hear it at the time but we recorded it and we heard it later.

Now if theres any singers out there I need some advice...is it because she cannot hear her own voice that she goes flat? or is it the band thats playing too low of a range for her to sing in? I dont think its the second because she could sing an octave above, so are there any fixes? Raise the PA volume really high? Get the singer a pair of earmuffs to block out the sound etc any advice would be appreciated