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Thread: Key vs Mode (sorry) - Little Wing

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    Key vs Mode (sorry) - Little Wing

    With reference to Little Wing..out of pure "theoretical" curiosity (don't worry it won't affect how I play it )

    I note a lot of people (forums, "teachers on vids" etc) stating this song is in the "key" of Em - I can see how this is a simple explanation.

    Could it actually be considered G Mixolydian? (based on the FMaj chord?)

    Is there a "name" for a minor progression that has a flat II? IE a relative minor of mixolydian?

    Please be gentle.


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    I guess you asked this awhile ago, but in case you're still here.

    "Minor" with a bII would usually be phrygian. Notice though that the F chord isn't used to resolve to Em in this song. It's instead used to go to Cmaj. The D chord (which has an f#) then takes it back to Em.

    If you're still attached to G when you hit F then at that moment it would be G mixolydian, but only at that point in time.
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