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Thread: Doubt about Triplets

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    Doubt about Triplets

    Hi all,
    I know how to treat triplets in general: you have three notes of a certain duration that must be played in the same time you would play two notes of the same value. Accordingly to the quiz where I found this picture, the notes on the right are equivalent to the note on the left, and I can't understand why.
    Is there anyone so kind and able to explain it to me?

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    Quote Originally Posted by motherlode View Post
    The 'dotted whole-note' on the left is six beats. Divided (4) + (2) = (6).

    The bar on the right is divided exactly the same way. A (4) beat phrase, and a (2) beat phrase, equals six beats.
    I can't believe it, now that I've seen your answer I,ve realised that I was counting in the wrong way hahaha. Thanks a lot for your answer, by the way, now it's everything clear!

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