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Thread: I practice guitar for 20 years and learned nothing. Help me restart.

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    I practice guitar for 20 years and learned nothing. Help me restart.

    I took classes, I got some private instruction and I studied technique. I learned to play some songs, note by note but had zero sense of rhythm. No sense of the real music in the sound I was playing. After 20 years of frustration I gave my guitars away. That was 5 years ago.
    Today a guitar happened to fall into my hands. It made me think back to how hard I had tried and how I had failed at something I clearly had a passion for.

    I would like to start over. But I need to do it differently some how. I don't want to just start playing notes and chords. Somehow I need to start by listening and feeling. Somehow I need to hear the sound, feel the sound. Somehow, I need to unlearn my engineer's mechanical note playing and learn to create a direct connection between the music and my fingers.

    I have no idea how to do what I am trying to put into words. I watch my son who has never had a lesson in his life, yet he can listen to a song on the radio and figure out how to play it on the guitar. That astounds me because I could never do it.

    I think of I could learn to do that, then I would be closer to where I want to be. But there is something in my brain that can't seem to make this kind of connection.

    I would truly appreciate any and all suggestions.


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    i think in terms of scale steps, when i hear a simple melody i sometimes can hear the solfege notes (do-re-mi). this allows me to play it on any instrument. the guitar is rather hard because of multiple options.
    now, generally i think if you learn something simple, like only using 2 tones/2frets to make a solo/music then its so simple that your mind will quickly get past the mechanics and start being creative (making creative rhythm choises in this case). like when you dance you don't think of the leg muscles that you have to move, you learned how to move your legs from childhood. so to those simple 2notes you can gradually add others but only if the mind can asimilate them. theres a reason why good/creative music is simple - its simple to digest and get creative with.
    but i'm not a good guitarist, i'm an amateur music producer/writer, who wanted to play the guitar sometimes for occasional. but recently i packed a flute when i travel, because it was small, and farelly quickly i could get creative, but only on Cmajor/Aminor. thats me.

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    Thanks for taking the time to help! I will try this. Gary

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    James, your advice is very useful for me. I am also learning playing guitar. Thanks

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    Learning a guitar has been simplified by you, I also had a passion for guitar but couldn't devote proper time to it, I still want to learn how to play guitar like a pro

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