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Thread: The Secret to David Lucas Burge's Ear Training Courses

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    The Secret to David Lucas Burge's Ear Training Courses

    The Secret to David Lucas Burge's Ear Training Courses

    The secret to David Lucas Burge's Ear Training Courses is simple.

    The Perfect Pitch course has eight cd's. The Relative Pitch course has forty-one cd's. All together that makes forty-nine cd's.

    The relative pitch course has five levels. Each of the five levels has about eight cd's.

    So, you could listen to the relative pitch cd's monday through friday and the the perfect pitch course on saturday. Similar to a full-time work week monday through friday and over-time saturday.

    As well as, the singing success course on sunday which has sixteen cd's or two sets of eight cd's eight technique and eight style.

    The trick is to simply listen to the cd's just like you would listen to an audiobook or in other words think of the courses as an audiobook, only listen, until it all clicks. That goes for the singing cd's as well.

    I think christian audiobooks are about forty-nine hours as well.

    Like the football team the forty-niners.

    As well as, think of the intervals as a 7x7 chart of the forty-eight continental united states as well as, D.C. the district of columbia. Start with "some kind of to some kind of."

    "Find yourself a city to live in."

    "Takin' care of business and workin' overtime."

    Don't even try think of all the cd's as a fifty or so hour audiobook and week after week, month after month it will all click.

    Just listen.
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    Has anybody worked with Bruce Arnold's perfect pitch course on muse-eek publishing. I've been wondering if it's for real because the price is so low. Any comments would be appreciated

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