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Thread: Exploring wider tastes

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    Registered User J4mmy's Avatar
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    Nov 2003

    Exploring wider tastes

    At the moment, i feel my taste is very centralized around specific genres, i.e rock and metal and things like that, metallica, iron maiden, incubus, rage, sonesour, chilli peppers, dream theater and things like that
    i have my birthday and have bit of money in the bank am about to go on a album spree
    i am always very interested in jazz and blues and regge when they are played in my music lesosns but i never seem to go anyfurther with any of it and dont know many artists in these genres,
    can anyone make and general suggestions to artists in there catergories and mabye specific songs/albums
    i am also very interested in flamenco guitar and more classical styles, my teacher plays that kind of music aswle and i am starting going into it on guitar but its a very different style that i am enjoying alot and want to get into a bit more
    thanks for any input you can put into my interest
    basicly i am looking for artists in the genres of
    clasical/ flamenco guita styles
    any other cool music styles that you gusy like, i feel like realy explring tastes, latly i have learned there is so much more that 'popular' rock music and i think i need to start looking elsewhere for inspirations


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    May 2003
    Blues----STEVIE RAY VAUGHAN is all you need, with Texas Flood being the "be all and end all" album IMO but if you want to explore other artists there are the 'old timers'-- guys like Albert King, Buddy Guy, B.B. King, Freddy King too name just a few but if you're looking for more contemporary artist how about guys like Gary Moore, Robert Cray. I'm sure others will mention many more, this is just a sample off the top of my head.

    I hate reggae and jazz so can't help you there.

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    Resident Curmudgeon szulc's Avatar
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    Apr 2002
    Jackson MS
    Reggae- Third World and Bob Marley
    Blues- Albert King, Albert Collins, Buddy Guy, Muddy Waters
    Jazz - Sonny Rollins, Wes Montgomery, Pat Martino, Cannonball Adderly, John Coltrane, Charlie Parker, Pat Methany
    Flamenco - Pac De Lucia, Jose Felecino
    "Listen to the Spaces Between the sounds."
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    Jun 2003
    Go out and buy Brent Mason's "Hot Wired" album if you can find it. Absolutely amazing!
    There are nights when the wolves are silent and only the moon howls!

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