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Thread: IBreatheMusic support

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    Chicks dig me Danster's Avatar
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    Jun 2002
    South Texas

    IBreatheMusic support

    I dunno how many folks have noticed, but now you can support IBM (and I don't mean Big Blue) by more than just posting. Click da link.

    I reckon Guni wanted to be a little discreet about it, but hey, this site has been such a super resource for me, that I don't mind bragging on 'em and trying to drum up support for the site. My wife will let me get away with sending a few euros a month without cutting me off.

    So if yer able, I encourage you to support the site in one of the ways mentioned at the link.

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    i Breathe ... Admin Guni's Avatar
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    Mar 2002
    Austria & UK

    Thanks for pointing this out and for your donations, they're much appreciated and will help us with the running costs.


    PS: and a big thank you to your wife

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