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Thread: Slayer riff and muting

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    Registered User fred's Avatar
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    Aug 2003

    Slayer riff and muting

    I am having this problem with a riff from "black magic", a slayer song. The open string notes are 16:th and the powerchords are quarters and 8:ths.



    The problem is that I get way to much noise from the powerchords so the muted open low E notes kinda "drowns". I have tried playing the chords with my index and and ring finger and then as soon as i plasyed it putting down the pinky to mute. It works pretty good but not enough. Is there a better way to mute or maybe I just have to practice more? I usually dont play this stuff, mostly lead but I liked this song so I thought I'd try to learn it. Hope someone can help me.

    Btw. I put the riff in powertab hoping to get one of those nice looking pictures I've seen other people posting here but all I could save to was an ASCII file. Is it because i have an old version (1.7) ??

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    iBreatheMusic Modthor phantom's Avatar
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    Oct 2003
    Following the changes
    for the powertab prob:
    don't use the "save as" function. there is a "export as" function where you can choose jpg, bmp.. and others. unfortunately i don't have a clue how to insert it in a post yet. :-(

    for the muting prob:
    after playing the power chords it should be enough to just release the pressure to the chord but leaving the left hand fingers on the strings to mute.

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