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Thread: Much easier to navigate

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    Much easier to navigate

    I dont know how long its been changed for, but I just realised the forums are much easier to navigate. When the new style was recently put in place there was a ton of sections I felt overlapped, but that seems to have been fixed nicely. Maybe that didn't happen though, and I'm crazy, either way great job.

    Is there a way in which you can tell if you got replies to a topic or thread that you created/posted to? Theres alot to navigate and I often lose track. I know this is sometimes availible via email, but I dont want a bunch of messages filling up my inbox either...

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    When viewing a thread, near the bottom the page and at the center is an option "Subscribe to this Thread". This option will send an email to you each time someone adds a reply to the thread.

    If you do this regularly, you could easily lose track of which threads you subscribed to, so in the My Settings section of the site, where you establish user preferences, you'll find a listing of all threads to which you are currently subscribed.
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