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Thread: Tuning question

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    Tuning question

    A week ago a friend of mine asked me why is a guitar tuned EADGBE.
    I couldn't awnser him. I am curious, why it is tuned this way and why is the 5th string tuned to a B because if you follow the formula you should get EADGCF or D#G#C#F#BE.

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    maybe because this way you don't have to move your left hand when you play some scales like the blues scale,natural minor scale

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    I think it is tuned this way, because you end up with a E on both the 1st string and the 6th string, which makes it slightly easier to play. And you shouldn't end up with F on the 1st string, because the strings are tuned in 4ths, except fro between the 3rd and 2nd strings, which is a major 3rd.
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    Pay attention to the 'Similar threads' at the bottom of the page. There is a link to the thread where we discussed this in detail:


    Zadd9 -> A6 -> T#9b5 -> Zmaj7

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