Before i get into what im wondering about i discovered somthing the other day that i read on these forums and that happen to me. Someone posted that they had been playing a while trying to play at a fast speed and couldnt do it then stopped for a while can came back 3 days later and played it faster. Oddly enough that happen to me yesterday.I still played my acoustic but i abandoned my electric for 3 days. When i come back and try to play these 2 songs (malmsteen) I have been working on, i can totally nail them faster and more accurate! I was like "Whoa, wtf?". I just find it very odd. Anyway, I have been playing just over a year and people say sweep picking is the hardest technique and to play accurate and fast takes forever to nail. Lately i'v been able to play some malmstten stuff and am even doing sweeping riffs from malmsteens songs. I'm getting faster and more accurate each day and im almost up to 180 tempo with "Trilogy Suite Op:5". I was thinking the other day that its too easy... I'm worried im doing somthing wrong or somthing but i'v looked over it all and everything seems to be right. Maby im just catching on quick (hopefully) or is this all normal? My friend i know who has been playing 7 years cant play this stuff (hes the only person around here i know though that plays guitar). Also does anyone know of a good artist that sounds like Yngwie Malmsteen? I love his style and i'v heard of other guitarists like Becker but i dislike him. The things i'v heard him play dont sound good like Yngwies and he sounds kinda sloppy from what i have heard. Thanks for all the help!