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Thread: The sliding pick.

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    The sliding pick.

    Does your pick slide out of your fingers while playing? Man that's annoying. Maybe it's my crappy picks. What picks do you use?

    Holding it tighter seems to tense up my hand and I end up playing worse.

    Any advice on how to keep it stable while playing without sacrificing a relaxed hand?
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    There have been a few threads devoted to picks here in the forums.

    I use the pickboy pos-a-grip, the ones with holes in them. They stick like i want them to, sound good, and last pretty long. Oh well, plugging my Pickboy's again

    There is a pick called Brain that really sticks to your fingers, they're like a cats tongue. They are too sticky for me though...

    That footer - are you by any chance a Rush fan?

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    I had a buddy who sanded his picks and another who drilled a hole in th middle. Personally, I use medium tortex picks and bend the tips so they fit snuggly around my finger - though that is more for articulation than for grip.

    What you might try is gripping REALLY hard for a week or two, then relax your grip again. It's essentially just an isometric workout for your grip, so you should notice a difference pretty quickly. Works for some of my students, anyway.

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