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Thread: Playing left handed and right!?

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    Registered User GtrvVampyre's Avatar
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    Mar 2004

    Playing left handed and right!?

    Was there ever a guitarist who learned to play left handed and right handed? Jimi Hendrix was left handed and played a right handed guitar (didnt he). So couldnt i learn to play left AND right handed on my right handed guitar? If i did, would there be any type of advantages, for coordination or anything? I just think it would be awesome if i could play and in mid, flip my guitar around and start playing left handed! ^.^

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    May 2004
    If I'm not mistaken Prince is able to do that. I think he have/had a guitar with two necks pointing both up left and up right. That's what and old Prince-fanatic friend of mine says. And Hendrix played a righthandedguitar re-stringed so he was able to play it as lefthanded.

    About the pros and cons I have no idea but I usually figure that the more you know the better. Then again I'm quite the moron.


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    Laiho's heir guitarist wild_child's Avatar
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    Jan 2004
    Wales, UK
    michael angelo batio can

    hes got a crazy custom guitar that consists of 2 guitars that lock together, one left handed, the other right.

    check him out at http://www.angelo.com
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    Registered User ProgBG's Avatar
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    Mar 2004
    Bavaria, Germany

    Jimi Hendrix was left- handed and played a right- handed guitar but just turned it round and changed the strings the other way round and played left- handed. But for example Michael Angelo or Steve Vai play both right- and left- handed at the same time! Look on the website to www.angelo.com to get an impression. I've seen Michael Angelo doings this live but I think he just played the notes with his right hand on the neck but didn't strum with his left hand. But I think you could learn both, but one thing would be more comfortable for you. I think there's someone on IBM here who experienced with playing both handed. He could tell you more about that. My question would be if you could play better left- handed if you're playing the piano? 'cause when playing piano the right hand is more the "comfortable" hand for right- handers like me I think.
    In my opinion left- handers are much more versatile than right- handers 'cause they mostly live with right handed items, and practice through this their right- hand. And I think that they could maybe play both things. Just a thought of me. What do you think?

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    Registered User Santuzzo's Avatar
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    Mar 2004
    Amsterdam, The Netherlands
    Hello !

    I'm left handed, and I've been playing a right-handed guitar for about 16 years. I just started recently learning (or I should actually say : trying to learn) to play a left-handed guitar.
    But my reason for this is not that I want to be able to play both ways, it's because I cannot pick very fast with my right hand, but with my left hand I can pick much faster ....

    Check out this thread I started explaining my problem :




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    Registered User Milo's Avatar
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    Jun 2003
    i am kind of strange about that: concerning the arm, i'm left handed (i throw things with my left hand), but concerning the fingers, i'm right handed (i play piano right handed) the fingers from my right hand are much fast skilful than those of my left hand.. so when i started playing guitar, i tried to figure out what would be the best to do: play right handed very uncomfortably, because each of my hands would do exactly what it doesnt like doing.. or play left handed, which was a kind of sacrifice (play only on lefties), but i would feel so confortable, so i chose the second option, and i learned to play well on lefties, and not too bad on righties (easy songs on righties).. but i always use my left hand for picking, both on righties and lefties.. i think there is an psychological advantage of being a left handed guitarist: you have your own way of playing that almost nobody has, cos almost nobody is lefthanded, (especially in guitar playing, but i never really understood why, cos lefties are supposed to be 5 to 10%, thats not the case in guitar)

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    Apr 2004
    Actually Hendrix was ambidextrious. He could play both left handed and right handed.


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    Jun 2004

    Can a right-handed made guitar be played left-handedly?


    I am a left-handed musician and so far I custom ordered all my left handed guitars.
    I recently met a lefty guitarist who has lots of right-handed guitars and just switched the strings. He claims that the sound is exactly the same (assuming of course that the guitar's shape is strictly symmetrical)

    I am wondering whether the sound on Yamaha's best model - LL36 would change if the strings are switched. If not, I would seriously thinking of buying it. (Yamaha doesn't make a lefty version of this guitar)

    I would appreciate it if you could give me some feedback on this issue. IS THE SOUND ANY different???

    I thank you in advance.


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