What's MS?

nope, not Microsoft
nor Mississippi
nor Michael Schenker

But 'Member Spotlight'.

Together with the next issue of The Pulse we will start with a series of member spotlights. Basically, these are short interviews (10 to 15 questions) with iBreatheMusic members. It's all about getting to know one another a bit better and see what makes us all tick.

First one to take the plunge is EricV.

Below is a first set of general questions that we will ask. If you have any further specific questions for Eric, feel free to post them in this thread.

How and when did you get started with music?
How did you come across iBreatheMusic.com?
What styles of music do you play?
Who are your biggest influences?
What gear do you use?
What are you up to at the moment?
Do you have any interests (apart from iBreathe of course!)?