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Thread: licks, sweeps and tapping

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    Yeah, I actually have the aforementioned 'monster hands' - but I still need to practice and stretch to get the reach I want. I actually do more stretch & stamina practice away from the guitar - I basically stick the wide part of my arm between two given fingers, and flex the fingers twice a second for about two minutes, and when that's done I move my hand to a slightly wider part of my arm, until they're either stretched well or I run out of arm, in which case I use my thigh (or my chemistry book, they both work). It's important to keep flexing the fingers at a steady pace so they don't get lazy, otherwise nothing will happen. These do actually work, by the way - at least for me they do - and in addition to what Bizarro said, you'll have it down in no time. Just don't hurt yourself.

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    I have been told i have small hands and I'm able to pull off the 10-2-7 stretch with a medium amount of ease. The tapping for me isn't hard nor is the lagato and AP parts. i can get them down in afew ours all together. My major technique downfall is I'm not that good at sweep picking. I can sweep but I'm not very good at it. I can do 6-string sweeps but they are slow. Around 16th notes at about 120 bpm. I use to practice it alot but over the past couple of years i haven't tried it at all and the skill basically went flat. I'm reworking on it. Re-learning Eugene's trick bag and Jason Beckers version os the 5th capprice, that way I'm not letting my other techniques go to waste while I'm building my sweeping. In about a month or so...as soon as I can save up some money...I'm gonna go record a demo of some songs thats I've been writing. For the most part its gonna be metal and hard rock but I plan on trying to play some blues and possibly a little jazz to spicen things up a little.
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