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Thread: Understanding certain tab

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    Understanding certain tab

    I'm learning Metallica solos right now, and in the song Blackened there are a couple of things written that I haven't run into before. I drew a little picture to show you which ones.


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    The first indeed looks like a "double-hammer-on". I'd finger the first two notes with my first and third finger and the second pair with my second and fourth. You can do it any way you feel comfortable. I don't know the song you're talking about, so I'm judging only from the material given.

    What are the rythmic values for that tapping part? Are all notes even or are the last three triplets?

    The last one looks like a hammer from a muted note (you fret a note lightly so it goes "tuck" when you hit the string and hammer from there to the 23:rd fret). What does it sound like on the recording?

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    this song is really hard to play rhythmically, especially the solo.
    the "double hammeron" thing.. would that happen to be in the fade in intro? Cause i think the book notates both guitar parts on the same staff, for some reason (perhaps it's possible to play them both at the same time) So it's possible you may only need to play the bit thats higher (or lower, whatever takes your fancy)

    i reccommend downloading the powertab for the solo. some guy's copied it out from the book anyway, and it gives you a better guide of exactly what the rhythm is for the tapping bit. (i believe it changes from 16th pentuplets to straight 16ths for 4 notes or so and then goes back to pentuplets again, which is tough to figure out at that speed)
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    I'm pretty sure that first piece is a harmony part played by two different guitars. One person plays the top part and another plays the bottem. They just notate it like that to give you an idea of what's going on.

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    yeah it's 2 guitars tabbed in one staff... to save space
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