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Thread: Practice Diaries?

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    Jan 2004

    Practice Diaries?

    Do any of you keep practice diaries or anything like that?
    I might start one, to write down how long I practiced for, what I practiced, and any problems/weaknesses I encountered. However I just wondered, if it would actually be worthwhile or not?
    Any views?

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    Aug 2004
    Hey, I usually keep things I find hard and am working on in a word document on the desktop and open it up when im bored instead of playing a song repeatedly that I already know deleting the licks in the document after I've mastered them, as for recording how much you practice I wouldn't think thats worth while unelss you arn't practicing enouf but thats never been a problem for me.

    Sincerely, mike
    People ask me why I play guitar so much, I tell them "why do you breathe so much" they reply "you need to to live" and I say "same".

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