does anyone know the website were its in java i think, its got a scale master thing on it, you can go through all sorts of scales, it also have a bunch of neat backing tracks from famous guitar players, like satch and stuff. just wondering because i used to visit often, reformatted my disk, and forgot the site.

P.S.- my band will soon have a demo out, and im sure its not for everyone who goes to ibreathe, its pretty extreme, brutal death/thrash/melodic metal, our name is Euphoric Agony and we will have our site up very soon, and we're looking to hear peoples opinions, even if the listener isnt into that sortof genre, id say we sound like a mix of Opeth/At The Gates/Dying Fetus/Vehemence, etc... message me on AIM (mh zyklon) or on ibreathe, id like to know if anyone is interested in hearing us.