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Thread: in doubt

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    in doubt

    my guitar teacher says to learn shred and metal/rock lead stuff u'd have to start with other stuff and gradually move up to it, such as starting with blues and then moving on to whatever came after

    i think it's not true, can anyone give their insight and shed some light on this please? also he says i won't be able to improvise good with complex scales if im not good at improvising with the minor pentatonic scale

    also hes using 'giants of metal' as a guide for teaching me metal basically, anyone use this book and what do you think about it if you do indeed use this book?

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    Well, you don't necessarily have to learn any particular style (like blues) in order to shred, but it depends on what it is you're trying to accomplish. In short, he's correct that it's easier to start with simpler stuff (like standard pentatonic licks) and move into more difficult things (like standard Yngwie licks in the 5th mode of the harmonic minor).

    My question: What sort of guitar players do you wish to emulate?
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    Aug 2004
    Ontario, Canada
    ah i think i see my problem

    im not trying to emulate anyone, but i do look up to certain players such as Yng, Becker, Vai and Satch etcetc

    also i have another vision in mind which would be to do for chinese/western orchestral music(the solo instruments) what Yng has done for baroque stuff
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