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Thread: Knowing That's It's Not the Gear--and KNOWing

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    Knowing That's It's Not the Gear--and KNOWing

    So folks who've been around here for a few years may remember that I've bitched on-and-on about what a piece of crap my Gibson ES-135 is and how much I hate this piece of ****. But every now and then I take it down off the wall and put up with it's bitchy personality and noisy bridge, etc., because well, I'm stuck with it and will never sell it for half of what I bought it for. It's been about 4 months or more since I've even taken it off the wall.

    Over just the past two days I've been plugging this thing in to my THD and doing exercises, blues riffs and classic rock chord practice. Suddenly it seems to be behaving remarkably well, sounding wonderful, and putting a major smile on my face. The guitar hasn't changed, but something has.

    Hmmmm. Sure glad I didn't smash this piece-o-crap into the floor like I've been tempted to do so many times. Do you suppose it's not the gear that makes the music?
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