Hey guys, I'm trying to get the light touch down, but some of it is misleading to me. I use moderately thick strings so when I use vibrato (a very big part of my playing) and bend, it takes some force. Should I play lightly for most notes, but apply heavy pressure when doing vibrato and bending?

Also, I have trouble separating the amount of pressure applied by each hand. Generally, if I am playing lightly with my left hand, I'm picking lightly with my right hand, and if I'm picking heavily with my right hand, I'm pressing pretty heavily with my left. Are there exercises that help that? Paul Gilbert picks very heavily but with his blazing speed, I'm sure he doesn't press very hard with his left hand. I'm trying to develop that ability myself.

Lastly, when I try to use a light touch, it seems like the notes to sound as alive as when I'm pressing heavily. I think this maybe be because I pick lightly when I'm pressing lightly, but maybe not? Thanks for the help.